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Turn dji Pocket 3 into HDMI & connect to TV and atem mini pro

Turn dji Pocket 3 into HDMI

There are two ideas that turn dji pocket 3 into hdmi output. 

one is that convert a USB UVC webcam output, like what the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 and DJI Osmo Action 4 are using to HDMI.

the second is that convert wireless local rtmp into hdmi output!

How to turn dji pocket 3 into HDMI ?

There are two idea !!

For live streaming application of dji pocket 3, it have two interface

1. usb-c UVC output. -> wire uvc to hdmi 

    on sale!!!  https://www.febon.net/products/hdmi-uvc-dualmode-converter

2.  rtmp streaming.   -> wireless rtmp to hdmi 

1. Turn wireless rtmp of dji pocket 3 into HDMI 

dji pocket 3 can do the live streaming . 
for example:  Youtube live  facebook live. or rtmp live.

   I just let DJI Pocket 3 do local rtmp streaming to "rtmp to hdmi adapter"
rtmp to hdmi adapter will turn rtmp into hdmi. 

  dji pocket 3. streaming to adapter. ->  rtmp to hdmi adapter -> hdmi -> tv / atem mini 

How to connect rtmp to hdmi adapter?
you need prepare a professional wifi router. and router ip address is

Router default ip is it is very very important!!!

rtmp to hdmi adapter ip is (it is fixed)

dji pocket 3 , RTMP to hdmi adpater and router are in the same intranet. 

 go to app "dji" and do local rtmp streaming

 wifi : your home professional router
rtmp streaming:  rtmp://


and then, the local rtmp streaming will become hdmi output.

2. Turn USB-C uvc of dji pocekt 3 into HDMI 

2.1   HDMI & UVC dual mode adapter

DJI Pocket 3 be HDMI output!!

Step1: USB out connect DC 5V power adapter
Step2 USB webcam connect INPUT B (USB in)
Step3: press icon B 
Step4: HDMI output connect video switcher 
     Example: atem mini pro hdmi 2, 3, 4 

2.2.  FEBON Logitech webcam to hdmi adapter
      dji pocket 3 connect to this adapter




2.3. USB webcam streaming adapter

   DJI pocket 3 uvc output connect to this adapter




  this adapter have many output.  one of it is HDMI output 

  it also can let DJI pocket 3 connect to iOS and pc at the same time. 


By the way, 
in amazon , you can see some China UVC to hdmi adapter 
eg: O brand , R brand ..

Lead user share the information that Dji pocket 3 CAN NOT work on O brand , R brand. 
the adapter firmware do not match