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ATEM MINI PRO Multiview & PGM (clean hdmi) Together!

ATEM MINI PRO its physical HDMI output is just only one
it is for Multivew / PGM selection.

When we need multivew and PGM (clean HDMI) together, you need select the "M/V" icon.
let the internal physical hdmi output be a multiview  hdmi first

and then,
you can create another clean hdmi (PGM)  by its another streaming output

1. PGM hdmi output be created by " USB-C webcam output"

     turn on time is 11 sec.

     it can turn usb-c output of atem mini pro into hdmi output or iOS output

    When it turn to hdmi output, you can connect TV monitor

    When it turn to iOS output, you can connect iPAD as tv monitor

  This is a android base platform.
  its turn on time is about 40 sec  and you need use usb mouse

atem mini pro have RJ45 rtmp live streaming output.
we can do the Local RJ45 RTMP live streaming

1. need  Local Ethernet Router & default gateway IP must be
2. FEBON RTMP to HDMI adapter IP is
3. need use wire RJ45 wire cable
4. Local live streaming RTMP is as below
    streaming key:test1

5. use our xml file