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hardware Real-Time Vocal Remover adapter : Turn YouTube into Free Karaoke



Actual pop music effect:

Chinese Music


English Music


There are two ways to remove vocals from songs,

one is post-production uploading and the other is real-time live processing

Post-production upload is to upload the MP3 to the AI ​​vocal removal platform, which is processed by the AI ​​method.

The post-production method has the best effect!

However, it requires processing time and is not instantaneous.

Another way is to use hardware to process the vocals of music live in real time.

The effect will definitely not be better than the AI ​​upload and post-production method, but it has the advantage of instant live output!


we sells pure hardware real-time LIVE music vocal remover!

How to buy?? 


The accuracy of removing human voices is very high!

Suitable for singing live broadcast application, this live broadcast application accepts random song requests from temporary guests on the Internet

Instant song vocal remover, you can! Remove vocals from YouTube songs in real time. The entire YouTube becomes your backup singing list


The hardware vocal remover in this store does not just make the vocals quieter.

It is a true removal of human voices.

Actual pop music effect:


Compared with hardware-based real-time vocal removal, the effect is guaranteed to be of the best quality.

The market is flooded with low-priced vocal removers, but the results are absolutely incomparable!!



Product spec:

Power: DC 5V  USB-C port


output:  3.5mm LINE OUT

mode icon :  original muisc / vocal remover 


If the mode icon button cannot be pressed, please rotate the button 90 degrees to use it


How to use?

step1: conenct DC 5V power

Step2: Press and hold the mode icon button for 2 seconds 

steo3: connect 3.5mm " line in " from audio soucre 

   headset interface or the computer pure headphone interface. Both types of connections to the computer are connected to the same 3.5mm three-ring cable.


 step4: connect to  line in port of sound card