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usb webcam splitter

How to buy?
It is still engineer sample.
We will start to sell it on the end of september



I want to make a product that can turn usb webcam into 2 usb webcam output. 

 it is called  "usb webcam splitter" 
connected uvc usb webcam  to two computers at the same time!!!
connected usb-c otuput of atem mini pro  to two computers at the same time!!!

USB webcam splitter prototype

USB webcam splitter MASS production ( after 01/09/2021)

1. DC 5V voltage

2. USB webcam input:  UVC1.1 version & just compatible for USB2.0 mode.

3. USB webcam output : up to 1920x1080p mjpg 30fps
application 1:  Turn usb logitech webcam into 2 uvc output. 

  it is Chinese video. you can turn on the English subtitles in youtube


application 2:  usb-c output of atem mini pro to two computers at the same

  connected usb-c of atem mini (pro) to two computers at the same time 

usb webcam splitter can turn one uvc source into two uvc output