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Full screen mirroring & share smartphone with TV (iPhone or android)

How to buy "smartphone vertical full screen mirroring to TV adapter "  ?


1. wire connection

     support all android phone: above android 6 system

     PadOS : ipad OS17 iPadOS16 (Includes iOS16.4) 

      iPhone: iOS12~ iOS17 (includes iOS16.4), iOS17.0.1 iOS17.0.2

    when use andorid phone with wire connection , please download app "MiraPlug" and turn on bluetooth. 


    For android use, you also need bluetooth to connect it,  bluetooth is for audio mirror on tv. 

2.  Wireless connection: 

    support  ① iOS airplay and ② android Miracast ③ Closed Mirroring for Android Phones

iPhone vertical screen full screen be mirroring to TV 

any android  vertical screen full screen be mirroring to TV 

USB-C iPad pro vertical screen full screen be mirroring to TV 

If full screen vertical smartphone mirror to tv  by wire hdmi , you will face two big problem 

1. Not all of smartphone have physical hdmi output. 
    1.1 iphone & iPad have hdmi output adapter. 
    1.2 old android phone or entry level android phone DO NOT have hdmi output adapter

2. When smartphone is  vertical portrait mode  mirror to tv, tv is still show horizontal and add black area

FEBON smartphone full screen vertical mirror adapter 

it can connect all kind of smartphone

rotate output video what you want

when smartphone connect this vertical mirror adapter, tv monitor will show full screen. 
you need turn tv monitor 90 degree. 

FEBON smartphone full screen vertical mirror adapter solve two big problem
1. any smartphone can be mirror to tv 
    micro usb android phone-> use micro usb cable
    usb-c usb android phone or iPad -> use usb-c cable
    lightning iphone -> use lighting cable

 2. smartphone vertical mirroring  is full screen on tv monitor

 USE limitation !!!
1. Do not use apps that force landscape orientation
   some app is always landscape . app can not be show in vertical mode. 
  so, the video will show...

2. Do not use video streaming app 
    eg: youtube app
     you can use "browser app " to turn on youtube website

3. mirror ratio:
Mobile phone screen ratios are divided into standard 16:9, 20:9 and 4:3, etc.
Different mobile phone ratios will result in different projections to the TV.

if you need let iphone mirror to tv be full screen , you need use 16:9 iphone
eg:  iPhone  SE 2 , iPhone SE ...


application !!!

1. Digital Signage use


2.  live streaming use 

    android phone as beauty camera for PC OBS use



 add atem mini pro with special android tablet live streaming

external hdmi source to replace inside front end camera & backup camerawe also add atem mini pro as video source for video conference app. of course , atem mini pro for instagram live!!!we DO NOT use yellow duck + OBS studio idea!! just use Native version Instagram app do live streaming directly!use the same idea, yotube , facebook , skype , zoom Native version app also can get external hdmi source to do live stremaing