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1. How to Use in windows / mac OBS?

OBS can broadcast the live streaming into facebook live / youtube live /ustream….
It can let your video and audio always be sync .
Please DO NOT let your PC CPU using rate > 40%

  Parameter setting:
  a. audio shift : +300ms
  b. Video input /output: 1280x720
  c. Output encoder :   x264  or h.264 h/W encoder (good)
  d. Bit rate :  2000- 5000

    Please make sure the video source   select in windows:

Windows demo:
Youtube live
facebook live

MAC demo:
Youtube Live  facebook LiVE Taiwan Livehouse.in

2. Why audio has "bi bi bi " small noise?

Due to the hdmi sampling rate is not equal the pc audio sampling rate.
How to solve?

3.    Why the video have flicker?
Your hdmi source is 1920X1080i 60field /50 field (interlacer)
Please try to let your hdmi source be progressive 1920x1080p, 1280x720p

4.    Why it does not have the video when I plug the camera?

Some consumer camera do not have hdmi lives output.
Its hdmi output is just for preview the record file
For example: Panasonic GF series (GF3…GF6..)

5.    Why it does not have the video on pc when I plug the SONY PS3?

Some hdmi output has HDCP protection.
For example: SONY PS3, blueray,  chromecast, hdmi of android phone output.
You need add the HDCP disable box as below idea.