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Camcorder be live streaming with iOS (iPad iPhone)

There are two way to let camcorder be live streaming with iOS
1. FEBON iCapture hdmi grabber card be live streaming with iOS

HDMI to lightning converter
1. CAN NOT charge and use    at the same time
 2.audio is just from iPad mic
 3. facebook live is just for personal . No group NO fans

FEBON iCapture HDMI Capture card
 1. Can charge and use at the same time
2. audio is just from external camcorder
 3. auto lgoin facebook live for personal , group and fans   auto login youtube live  
PRICE US$219 package
 1.FEBON180 UVC HDMI capture card 2.uvc webcam to lightning converter
3.DC 5V adapter

US$359 package
 1.FEBON  iCapture hdmi capture card 2.USB3.0 line,micro usb line
3.APPLE Lightning to USB3.0 converter
4.DC 5V x 2 port adapter
5. camera bracket

another application

uvc to lightining converter can connect any uvc device
FEBON180  hdmi cpature card:hdmi to lightning
FEBON189 uvc sdi capture card: SDI to lightning
FEBON 264 CVBS capture card:CVBS to lightning

       it just can can connect HDMI video
iOS9~iOS11iPhone 5c up
NO guarantee for new iOS12

iOS9~iOS11iPhone 5cup
it also can work on new iOS12

iOS app
WiFi image1280x720 smooth1920x1080 not smooth

Medialink live1920x1080p very smooth

charge and use at the same time
No charge

can charge

app function
app: wifi image
3 take picture
app: Durecorder live
1. live streaming

APP: medialink live
2 .live steraming

live streaming
app: wifi image + Durecorder live
1.need two app use together
2.facebook live is just for personla
 3. audio is from iPad iPhone mic

app: medialink live 
1.embedded facebook live for  personal , group, fans live
 2.embedded youtube live
3.custom rtmp 
4. audio is from external camcorder